Non-Matriculating Student

Law school graduates, practicing attorneys, and holders of baccalaureate degrees from accredited institutions are eligible to apply to take a course or courses at the Law Center on a non-matriculated basis, at the discretion of the Law Center administration.

Law school graduates taking courses on a non-matriculated basis may qualify to sit for the District of Columbia (D.C.) bar examination.  Email the Office of Admissions or call 631-761-7010 for details.

Acceptance is selective and participation in courses is subject to certain restrictions. In compliance with American Bar Association standards:

  • Courses taken on a non-matriculated basis may not be used for advanced standing in the JD program in the event the student later matriculates at the Law Center.
  • Non-matriculants may not apply to the Law Center for four (4) years from the date they conclude their non-matriculating course(s).

Tuition is charged at the prevailing per-credit rate for the program.

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