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Student Handbook

The Touro Law Student Handbook contains the academic and other rules and regulations that all students at the Law Center are required to observe. You also will find useful information on courses, people, and programs at the Law Center.


The catalog provides information for students including mission, vision, registration policies, resources, grading, accreditation information, student responsibilities and rights, academic policies, program information, and more.

Code of Conduct

The Touro University Code of Conduct defines misconduct at the University and the Law Center and procedures to address misconduct.

Student Handbook for Students with Disabilities

Touro-wide Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

Academic Integrity Policy

Touro University is a community of scholars and learners committed to maintaining the highest standards of personal integrity in all aspects of our professional and academic lives. Because intellectual integrity is a hallmark of scholarly and scientific inquiry as well as a core value of the Jewish tradition, students and faculty are expected to share a mutual respect for teaching, learning, and the development of knowledge. They are expected to adhere to the highest standards of honesty, fairness, professional conduct of academic work, and respect for all community members. Academic dishonesty undermines our shared intellectual culture and our ability to trust one another. Touro University's policy on academic integrity, which is outlined online here: is designed to guide students as they prepare assignments, take exams, and perform the work necessary to complete their degree requirements, and to provide a framework for faculty in fostering an intellectual environment based on the principles of academic integrity.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Touro University's Non-Discrimination can be found here.

Title IX Policy

Title IX, and its implementing regulations prohibit discrimination based on sex, including sexual harassment. You can find Touro University's Title IX Policy here.
Touro University's Sexual Misconduct Policy for New York Campuses can be found here.
If you have any questions, please contact Matthew Lieberman, Title IX Coordinator at (646) 565-6067.