Exam Schedules/General Exam Information

The Office of Student Services oversees all final exams. On this page, you will find important information including exam dates, policies, instructions and technical support. Students must follow all instructions given to them before, during and after examinations including those about anonymity and examination procedures. Failure to comply with the examination instruction will result in a violation of the Code of Conduct. All final examinations are administered through Canvas or Examplify (Examsoft) and are graded anonymously.

Exam Schedules

Please click visit our Class Schedules, Registration Materials & Book Information, Exam Schedules page for more info.

Assistance During Exams

If a student is having an issue during an exam, an email must be sent to ExamIssues@tourolaw.edu right away in order for us to assist you.  Do not wait to reach out.

Laptop Specifications Policy

Please read our Computer Requirement document for minimum system requirements for your law school laptop. 

Exam Conflicts and Deferrals

Students who fail to take an examination when scheduled will receive a failing grade for the course, unless a deferral has been authorized by the Assistant Dean for Student Services. In general, deferrals must be obtained in advance of the scheduled time of the examination. Deadlines by which students must request deferrals will be published each semester.

A petition for deferral of an examination must state the examination(s) to be deferred and explain the reasons for the request. Exam Deferral / Accommodation Request Forms must be completed online via TLC WEB and submitted for approval to the Office of Student Services. All requests for deferrals must be thoroughly documented. Requests will not be approved without documentation.

A deferred examination will generally be authorized only due to a scheduling conflict, serious illness, emergency, or other compassionate reason, such as the death of a close family member.

Students may defer an examination when:

  • Two examinations are scheduled on one day (whether or not those examinations are
    consecutive). This rule does not apply to FlexJD students.
  • Three examinations are scheduled on three consecutive days.
  • An evening examination scheduled at 6:30 pm is followed by a morning examination the
    next day at 10:00 a.m.

Students may request an exam deferral for extraordinary cause such as:

  • Physical or Mental illness.
  • Death or serious illness in immediate family, which requires the student’s attention away
    from Law School during the exam period.
  • Subpoena requiring court appearance at the time of the exam period or immediately
    preceding the exam period.
  • Automobile accident, mugging, robbery, or similar traumatic experience at the time of
    the exam or period immediately preceding the exam period.
  • Childbirth during the exam period or immediately preceding the exam (applies to either
  • Religious observances supported by a letter from a minister, priest or rabbi (written on
    appropriate letterhead).
  • Military commitment (written military orders are required).

When Deferrals WILL NOT be Granted

Requests for deferrals will be denied for the following reasons:

  • Travel, vacation/airline flight schedules.
  • Social or other personal plans.
  • Employment reasons for full-time JD students.
  • Medical problems that do not seriously interfere with immediate pre-exam preparation of
    the student’s ability to take the exam on the scheduled date of the exam.
  • Bar Review Courses.
  • Late Arrival to an exam.
  • Sitting for an exam before the scheduled date.
  • Once the student has already received the examination.

Rescheduling of Deferred Examinations

Deferred examinations must be made up as soon as possible after the medical condition or personal hardship situation that led to the deferral has been resolved. Except in extraordinary circumstances, a deferred examination will not be rescheduled later than three weeks after the end of the examination period of the semester in which the exam was originally scheduled. If a student cannot retake the examination within that time, the student will receive an “incomplete” in the course.

Disability Accommodations for Exams
Contact the Office of Student Services, (631) 761-7050.



Each semester students are assigned a unique Exam Number. Students must obtain their exam number from the Registrar’s Office, (631-761-7040 or registrar@tourolaw.edu) and must have their exam number with them for all exam new exam number is issued every semester.


Students are expected to follow the instructions and directives of examination proctors. You may not speak, or, in any other way, communicate with each other, 1) during an examination, or 2) after an examination while in the examination room. Failure to stop writing or typing when time is called, use of unauthorized materials or devices, violating regulations or practicing dishonesty in any other manner during or in connection with an exam is a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy and may result in the student’s expulsion from the Law Center. In addition, faculty may assign a grade of “F” or another grade-based sanction for dishonest behavior in connection with an exam. Students who fail to comply with the exam regulations will be reported to the Assistant Dean and faculty.

Possession of any unauthorized aids during the exam may result in sanctions under the Academic Integrity Policy.

The below information pertains mostly to in-person exams:

PERMITTED ITEMS. Permitted items must be in a clear re-sealable plastic food storage bag. All students must adhere to this requirement.

PROHIBITED ITEMS: Leave all prohibited items including your bags in your car or in your locker BEFORE the exam begins.

Touro ID with Exam number sticker or government- issued ID. Pens, pencils, eyeglasses, tissues, keys  Electronic devices of any kind, including but not limited to cell phones, Blackberries, iPhones, PDA’s, wireless email devices, blue tooth devices, iPods, MP3 players, clocks, cameras, scanners, radios, recording devices, hand-held computers, programmable watches or watches of any kind (“smart”, analog), no time devices, programmable Calculators, and non-programmable calculator (only if permitted by the professor)
Medications in original containers Feminine hygiene products  Headphones, headsets ear-phones or earbuds
Foam earplugs, Assistive and medical devices such as crutches, splints, braces, slings, wheelchairs, and hearing aids  Luggage, handbags purses, backpacks, briefcases, laptop bags, tote bags or bags of any kind
Sweater permitted to be worn in the room  Hats, baseball caps or visors (religious apparel that does not contain a brim or obscure the applicant’s eyes are permitted.
Analog wristwatch  NO flip flops or other shores or garments which are noisy and can disrupt other candidates 
Water or beverage, Quiet Snack (unwrapped in clear plastic food storage bag)  No notes, papers, books, bar review or other study materials in any format or media including (CD and USB keys) 

EXAM NUMBERS - Your 9-digit exam number is required for all exams; including take-homes submitted on TWEN. No other identifying numbers may be used on exams.

COMPUTER USERS - You must download your exam file (blank document) BEFORE the day of the exam. If you have problems, contact IT, Room 207, the day BEFORE your exam. Students who have successfully completed their download process before the exam will take the exam on their laptops. STUDENTS WHO DO NOT COMPLETE THIS PROCESS PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE EXAM WILL HANDWRITE THEIR EXAMS. No exceptions will be granted here! Come prepared to log into Examplify and start your exam.

ROOM ASSIGNMENTS - Room assignments will be posted at the security desk and at Student Services forty-five minutes to one hour prior to each scheduled exam. Exam room may be different from assigned classroom.

SEAT ASSIGNMENTS - All seats are assigned. Seat assignments will be available in the assigned exam room.

ARRIVAL - Students must arrive at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the exam. This time is allotted for check-in, seat assignment, and for exam instructions. Students who arrive late but within 15 minutes of the start time must take the exam in the assigned room with no additional time. Students who arrive more than 15 minutes after the exam start and who believe they have a compelling reason may go to the Office of Student Services to request additional time. Traffic conditions, oversleeping, work, etc. are NOT compelling reasons.




SIGN-IN - When you arrive, you must sign in with the proctor and take your assigned seat. Once you sign in you cannot leave the room. You must remain in your seat until the proctor reads the exam instructions and the exam begins.

BATHROOM BREAKS - Only one (1) student may leave the exam room at a time to use the nearest bathroom for no more than five (5) minutes and only after the first hour of any exam. If you leave, you must bring all of your materials (except your laptop) up front, sign out, and sign back in when you return. Communication with anyone or use of any unauthorized materials/aids while on a bathroom break is a violation of the Code of Conduct and may be punishable by failure in the course and other disciplinary action.

EXAM BOOKLETS - DO NOT remove any pages from the exam booklet. Removing pages is a violation of the Code of Conduct. If you make an error, place an X on the page and simply start on the next page.

SCANTRON FORMS - You must complete the Scantron and fill in your answers within the time allotted for the exam. If you make an error, surrender the old form and request another form from the proctor. Fill out the new form. Extra time is not granted to do this after time is called. Filling in your answers after time is called is a violation of the Academic Integrity policy.

CONDUCT - You must conduct yourself in a manner that is not disruptive and offensive to other examinees. Talking is prohibited from the time the proctor distributes the exams until all examination papers are collected. You may not speak, or, in any other way, communicate with one another, 1) during an examination, or 2) after an examination while in the examination room.

A violation of the exam procedure will result in immediate withdrawal from the exam and a charge under the Code of Conduct, which may include expulsion from the Law Center, failure in the course or another grade-based sanction for dishonest behavior in connection with an exam. Please note exams administered in rooms that are equipped with a camera are recorded.


FINISHING EARLY - Students who finish before time is called must quietly take all of their belongings, return all exam materials, and leave the exam room. Once you leave, you may not return for any reason until the exam is over. If you finish in the last five (5) minutes, you cannot leave. You must wait at your seat until time is called.

CONCLUSION OF EXAM - When time is called, all writing, and typing must stop immediately. Students who continue to write or type after time has been called will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include failure of the course. Laptop users must immediately upload their exam. If you have to write anything in your exam booklets, for example your exam number, you may do so ONLY in front of a proctor.

SIGN OUT - You must turn in ALL exam materials (including scrap paper) at the end of the exam to the proctor and sign-out. Put the Scantron form and all scrap paper (including unused paper) in the first page of the exam booklet and hand everything to the proctor.

EXAM UPLOAD - Computer users should select Exam Controls (upper left-hand corner) and click Submit Exam. You should get a bright green screen saying “Congratulations! Your exam has been successfully uploaded.” If you have a problem uploading log back on to the network. You may need to visit IT in Room 207 or email studentservices@tourolaw.edu if the issue cannot be resolved in the classroom. Failure to upload in a timely manner may result in a violation of the Code of Conduct, so check your email confirming that you have uploaded your answer.

These instructions, along with the Student Handbook and the Code of Conduct available at /studentresources/student-handbook govern all exam behavior. If you have any questions or concerns, or if you have an emergency during the exam period, contact Student Services at 631.761.7050 or studentservices@tourolaw.edu.