Reciprocity - FAQ

Touro Law Students Seeking Reciprocity at Other Schools 

Q: Can you explain what reciprocity is?
A: Reciprocity is a service that allows law students and alumni to access job boards of law schools in areas outside of New York State. This enables students to view and apply for job opportunities in areas they currently live in or they plan to relocate to.

Q: How can I obtain reciprocity?
A: Different schools have varying policies regarding reciprocity. To determine if you can obtain reciprocity from a specific law school, begin by reviewing the law school’s reciprocity policy, which is usually available on their Career Services page.

Once you confirm your eligibility at a particular law school, you can send an email to OCPD to submit a request for reciprocity on your behalf.

Q: How to request reciprocity at another law school?
A: In order to request reciprocity, please:

(i) review the desired school’s reciprocity policy on their website. (TIP: The quickest way may be to just search the term “Reciprocity” on their website.) If you do not find information on their website, email or call that law school’s Career Services office to confirm your eligibility.

NOTE: Most schools have specific periods, labeled as "Black-Out Dates," during their active recruitment season. (TIP: You may want to request reciprocity at strategic times to provide you the most access.) OCPD will not make a request on your behalf during these times.

(ii) send an email to with the following information:
• Full Name
• Graduation Year
• Email
• Address
• Name, city, and state of the law school you would like us to obtain reciprocity from

We will process your request within three business days from the receipt of the email. You will be cc’d on the communications to the law school you have selected. Most law schools have specific lengths of time they will grant reciprocity (usually 90 days in a 12-month period). Law schools may extend or renew reciprocity requests depending on their respective policy.

For Students and Alumni From Other Schools Seeking Reciprocity from Touro Law

Q: Can you explain reciprocity?
A: Reciprocity for students and alumni from other law schools is a service that allows them to access Touro Law’s online job banks, giving them the opportunity to view job postings in the Long Island and New York City marketplace. At Touro Law, reciprocity includes virtual access to Touro Law’s online job bank on our Symplicity platform. Please note that reciprocity does not grant access to Touro Law events, On-Campus Interviews (“OCI”), resume collections, or career counselors.

Q: Am I eligible for reciprocity at Touro Law?
A: Reciprocity from Touro Law is available to 2Ls, 3Ls, and alumni from law schools outside of New York State. Please note that reciprocity is not available during Touro Law’s OCI period - July 15 to November 30.

Q: How do I request reciprocity at Touro Law?
A: Request for reciprocity services must be made in writing by a representative from your law school’s Career Services office. The request should be addressed to Jim Montes, Esq., Assistant Dean, Office of Career & Professional Development, and emailed to Jessica Guerrero, Administrative Assistant, at The request should include:

• Your name
• Your graduation date
• Your preferred email address

Please allow up to three business days after OCPD’s receipt of your request to review before contacting us.

Q: How do I know if reciprocity is granted?
A: After receiving your request, an OCPD representative will review it for approval. If approved, you and your school’s Career Services representative will receive an email confirming the approval and providing further instructions. Access to Symplicity will automatically terminate on the earlier of (i) December 1 or (ii) three months from the day your request was approved.