Incoming Students

The following scholarships are awarded by the Admissions Committee automatically to incoming students based on a combination of LSAT and UGPA. All scholarships are renewable in accordance with the terms of the original offer. No application is required:

  • Dean's Fellowships - Full tuition scholarship renewable for the duration of law school (dependent upon maintaining academic excellence). Students are considered based on undergraduate record, LSAT score, community involvement, work experience, and a combination of other factors.

  • Merit Scholarships - Awarded to promising entering students based on their undergraduate record, performance on the LSAT, and a combination of other factors. These scholarships range from $1,000.00 to 95% tuition remission, renewable annually, within the terms of the original offer.

Upper-Class Students

Institutional scholarship and fellowship opportunities are available for upper-class students.

Law School Scholarship Databank

AccessLex Institute created a Law School Scholarship Databank to help law students and aspiring law students find and apply for scholarships that fit their interests and background. The Databank is a searchable database of 800 law school scholarships and writing competitions. 

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